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Document processing environments are complex. From scanners and printers to cutters and binding systems, consolidating your equipment’s service can be a real challenge.

We help companies and OEMs deliver outstanding customer service by providing flexible hardware maintenance programs throughout the USA and Canada. Our experience across a wide range of equipment allows us to identify problems more quickly to avoid extended downtime at your customer’s sites.

We understand that maintaining your equipment across a large geographical area can be challenging. Scan-Optics’ Access Services division helps you with extensive capabilities that offer:

24/7 Service

Our national network of service specialists provides hardware maintenance and installation help, parts distribution, technical support, and 24/7 service.


Our automatic service-call tracking and escalation process will proactively meet your customer’s needs.


Our highly trained industry-leading technicians have experience across a wide range of hardware, including: scanners, binding systems, cutters, and more.

Choose the plan that best works for you

Access Services offers the highest level of support and satisfaction that other service providers simply cannot match. Our service offerings are tailored to your organization’s requirements and will grow with your company, from the support of our technical experts to the on-site presence of our engineers.

  • On-site annual service contracts
  • Time-based and materials-based service calls
  • Operator training and depot repair at our location
  • Installation and relocation of equipment
  • Manufacturer’s warranty service and consumable parts sales

Some of the brands that we support include:

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