[Intelligent] Mailroom

Providing services with a complete Mailroom Automation and EASY DATA SOLUTION by turning large amounts of daily records and correspondence into SEARCHABLE, ACCURATE and ACCESSIBLE DATA!


Complete ACCESS to ALL records and documents… IN A DIGITAL FORMAT! Everything INTEGRATED directly into a Document Management System and easily SEARCHABLE.


  • The Department had records and correspondence distributed throughout 13 independent offices
  • Employees received many requests on a daily basis that required significant time for data collection
  • Services were being delayed and costs were increasing because of the inaccessibility of paper records and data

With easy.forward Intelligent Data Management and Scan-Optics Mailroom Automation, all of the Department’s paper records and correspondence have now been digitized and the metadata is searchable in their document management system, thus increasing the accuracy of requests for information, saving hours of employee time researching and significantly reducing the time it takes to respond to requests.