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Meet the data perfectionist.

Data is helping businesses everywhere improve their relationships with their customers, but that data must be actionable, accurate, and organized.

With the sheer volume of data today, a modern cognitive AI that captures data smartly and securely is essential. Our machine-learning based solution that continuously improves with each task can become a true “data perfectionist,” giving your business the competitive edge when technology and industry needs change at lightning speed.

With extensive experience in the industry, our superior AI-powered document processing and expert human support ensure you have the best quality data to inform your most important business decisions.







We know data capture.

Our pioneering technology has been shaping the industry. That’s why we’re the smart choice for your intelligent data capture needs.

We’re using cutting edge AI technology and machine learning to bring you easy.forward™, an Intelligent Data Management solution that captures your data securely and accurately!

Our superior AI-powered document processing ensures you have the best quality data to inform your most important business decisions. Pairing human and machine intelligence results in intelligent processing, and this intelligent processing is designed to bring the highest level of performance to satisfy your professional needs. Data technologies paired with cognitive and AI advances are behind everything we do. As leaders in this revolutionary field, we understand not only the technological nuances of intelligent processing we also know how to make that intelligent processing work for you through a human-centered design approach. Through this approach we pair human intuition with machine intelligence, making your job easier.


Capturing and managing over 50 million driver and vehicle transactions per year was definitely a great challenge DVLA needed to address. Scan-Optics identified a solution to convert documents into actionable information while helping DVLA:
  • Capture, manage, store and retrieve documents giving the agency complete control of their information assets.
  • Improve communications, document transmission and instant access to information
  • Enhanced capabilities and improved performance to free staff to focus on service enhancements rather than paperwork.