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Meet GDPR standards in the safest, GDPR most secure way

Protecting private information is key. With new General Data Protection Regulations taking effect, easy.forward™ Intelligent Data Management platform will quickly become essential in helping your company comply with the law. Once your files are in our system, easy.forward™ captures and analyzes the data and transforms it into searchable and structured content, ensuring that all personal information is securely stored yet easy to find.

Below are some ways that easy.forward™ technology will help you meet the GDPR requirements:


easy.forward™ can be integrated into an organization’s regular workflow, classifying and indexing your raw data, and making it easily accessible to users upon request.

Sensitive Data

easy.forward™ helps businesses uncover and identify documents within their unstructured data that contains personal information in need of management and protection.


By creating a private catalog of searchable, structured information, your documents are readily available to quickly comply with requests.


easy.forward™ increases the safety of all stored data, allowing organizations to quickly respond to any vulnerabilities and security breaches.