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Secure and consolidate your firm’s documents Legal with easy.forward™

The organization and workflow of legal documents can be a costly and time-consuming process for a firm, even in small proceedings. Using advanced robotic document processing to scan files into a digital format makes it much easier and more efficient for a legal team to retrieve valuable information.

Scan-Optics easy.forward™ Intelligent Data Management (IDM) will quickly digitize your entire caseload into a secure, accessible format. IDM transforms hard copies and electronic documents, such as PDFs and TIFFs, into searchable data. Once easy.forward™ has scanned in your litigation documents, each page can be searched for by simply entering in a keyword or phrase.

Even in high-volume cases, an entire project can be consolidated onto a flash drive or portable hard drive, making the transportation and sharing of files effortless for your legal team and more secure for your clients.

By effectively managing your paper processes, easy.forward™ IDM will give your firm the ability to:

Store Legal Information

Store data in a centralized, easy-to-navigate system. Archived records can include eDiscovery pleadings, evidence files, deposition transcripts, emails, and more. Your stored content can be located with a variety of search parameters.

Save Money

Reduce overhead in the short and long-term by avoiding high volumes of paper and storage costs, courier services, and document pulling fees. Increased efficiency also results in greater overall profitability.

Improve Security

Through user-based permissions, all sensitive intellectual property and information will stay secured from unauthorized viewing and tampering.

Increase Productivity

AI-powered document processing will reduce overall errors, improve tracking and revisions, and give your legal team immediate access to their caseload anytime, anywhere.

Ensure Compliance

easy.forward™ makes compliance simple. Your data will be automatically validated to meet current court system standards for Electronic Court Filing.


Facilitate collaboration between attorneys and litigation teams by granting case access to counsel and clients. All documents can easily be exported for distribution to opposing counsel and the court.