[ Intelligent ] Digital Mailroom

Optimize mailroom efficiency and security with easy.forward

[ Intelligent ] Digital Mailroom

Optimize mailroom efficiency and security with easy.forward

A successful mailroom thrives on efficiency, organization, and security. easy.forward™ Intelligent Data Management provides businesses with an effective AI-powered solution to boost productivity, speed up response times, reduce human error, and cut mail delivery costs.

The problem with manual mail sorting is that it often results in missing documents, late deliveries, and increased labor expenses. With easy.forward™, your business correspondence is sorted electronically and classified based on content. Documents containing sensitive material and personal information, such as contracts and payments, will be digitally stored and secured. Appropriate recipients will then receive immediate access to this information.

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With the unique challenges of COVID-19, we’re committed to helping you keep your business open — and your customers and employees safe. Our Mission-Critical Digital Mailroom Service allows continuous access to your organization’s inbound physical mail. Once the mail has been digitized, it can be accessed securely online.

Your mail will go through our advanced process…

Document Classification and Recognition

easy.forward™ Intelligent Data Management recognizes and authenticates your captured data with 99.9% accuracy. Additionally, easy.forward™ software continues to learn and improve each time it processes your data. This is because we have utilized the capabilities of technology systems that function like human cognition, learning and refining as new information enables learning.


Employees across the globe are able to access their documents immediately, without the hassle of installing or updating software onto individual computers.

Paperless Office and Workstations

easy.forward™ eliminates the need to store and index paper files. Your documents will be easier to access and more secure, and you’ll free up valuable space in your office.

Data Insight
& Analysis

easy.forward™ software presents your clients with accurate and readily available business data for key information in decision-making.

Improved Response Times

Swift, secure communication and the transfer of quality data will improve your business’s efficiency dramatically and keep your clients up-to-date and satisfied.