Data Management Solutions for Research and Manufacturing

As a research or manufacturing organisation, you likely produce physical documents for every product you make. The records that exist across a product lifecycle can easily be in the hundreds for each sku. Not only is filing and storing these documents time consuming, retrieving them quickly is difficult, at best.

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  • Quickly search documents when and where you need them

  • Store all your document securely

  • Automate policies, records and other data

  • Assign unique access to documents

Applications In Research and Manufacturing:

  • Diagrams

  • Written Correspondence

  • Master Batch Records (MBRs)

  • Route Sheets

  • Printed Document

  • Manufacturing routing sheets

  • Traveling pack / sheets

  • Engineering blueprints

  • Printed manuals / books

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We Solve Common Document Management Problems for Research and Manufacturing

An Organised research facility and manufacturing plant is a safe one. Converting physical documents to digital frees up space on manufacturing floors and in offices. It also speeds up searching for information and responding to customer requests. The less time spent with paper allows you more time to make strategic process improvements and driving more value to the production of your products. Our intelligent data management system helps research and manufacturing by:


Quickly and Accurately Processing Data

With every document that is scanned and sorted, the system learns and improves its data-processing technique.


Reducing Administrative Expenses

Decrease user error related to lost paperwork, late deliveries, and the costs of manual routing.


Improving Document Security

Sensitive data is stored safely within electronic files greatly reducing the risk of lost, bdamaged, or compromised documents.


Automated Compliance

Adhering to regulatory compliance policies for electronic record storage is easy with digital data management.


Reduce Errors

Avoid common mistakes related to human error, keeping company records consistent, accurate, and readily accessible.


Improved Record Search

The document management system is tailored your specific needs—simplifying the process of acquiring accurate data upon request.

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