Our Approach

We help you through every step of the digital transformation process

The Scan-Optics Digitisation Process

At Scan-Optics, we have a standard four-step Digitisation process that we adapt to each client’s unique situation. We understand that digital transformation looks different for every institution which is why we developed a Digitisation formula that will allow us to meet you where you are and get you where you need to go. The four steps of our Digitisation process are:

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We assess your organisation’s specific needs and determine what we can do to ameliorate any difficulties.

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We use our personalized approach to develop a specialised plan to meet those needs.

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We make that plan a reality by leveraging easy.forward™ to digitise, Organise, and Optimise your data.

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We train your employees on any system or process changes and facilitate a smooth transition in order to foster a culture of transformation.

The Specifics of Digitisation

One aspect of Digitisation is the process of scanning hard-copy documentation, capturing all of the data it contains, validating that information, making it searchable, and ultimately sharing it with the relevant people or systems to improve their workflows and business processes.

But Digitisation alone isn’t enough. Today we need to activate the extensive combined capabilities of AI powered machine learning and human intelligence to gain the most value from the data we have in our possession. Once the data has been enriched, what do we do with this new digital data rendering?

First, we Organise. This means classifying your data and routing it to the appropriate virtual location so that your team can easily find and access the information they need. Then we Optimise by integrating with your existing systems and records, facilitating any data migration, and training your team so that they can make the most of their newly transformed data, systems, and processes.

All of this is what occurs in the Activation stage of the Scan-Optics digital transformation process. Let’s break down exactly what Activation looks like.

First, of course, we digitise.
This is when we scan all of your hard-copy documents, capture their data, and validate the information we’ve obtained.

Next, we Organise.
Our easy.forward system sorts through all of the data that’s been captured in order to classify it and then route it to the appropriate digital location.

Third, we Optimise.
We facilitate the seamless integration of all of your newly digitised and Organised data with your existing systems to allow it to serve your organisation as needed.

Finally, you Utilise.
This is the stage where you take over. You’re now able to access information when and where you need it; easily search for data and records; mine your data for deep insights and business analytics; and overall do your job more easily with your organisation running more smoothly.

Making The Move To Digital Simple & Easy

Across industries, our Scan-Optics Digitisation experts have immense experience in understanding an organisation’s business processes, data flows, and unique pain points in order to efficiently and effectively determine how best to convert those business processes and data flows into digital formats that give a company better performance while eliminating any paint points.

Why We Do What We Do

When mapping out a digital transformation journey for any of our clients, we want to ensure that our approach is detailed, personalized, secure, and effective because we believe in the importance of technology that’s tailored to human needs. It’s our objective to help you and your organisation clarify and simplify your data management and internal processes—in short, we make your lives easier so that you can do the same for your clients.