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easy.forward™ – See How it Works, Steps to Digitisation

Our Intelligent Data Management Cycle

Our easy.forward™ Process Captures Your Documents Securely with 99.9% Accuracy



The Latest Scanning Technology

We have years of experience in scanning and can handle every aspect of it. From pickup to prepping to scanning to storage, we can do it all. We also maintain a global network of authorised scanning centers that can perform work on your behalf and transform documents via our easy.forward™ Platform.


Intelligent Data Capture

Next, our data capture technologies will read and collect data (e.g., invoice numbers, dates, and names) from your documents, and tailor it specifically to the needs of your system. Three separate technologies are employed during this step to gather the most accurate information.


Validation with AI

These technologies work with human meaning and precision at machine speed, making your job easier and your data validation faster. With cognitive, you can have peace of mind that your data is – in real time – being read, understood, and properly acted on instantaneously.


Routing the data

Determine the best placement for the new data within your software application and get it where it needs to go. This is accomplished through process robotics with improved ability to focus limited resources on high-value tasks; automate time-consuming, error-prone, and repetitive back office transactions; and improve statutory compliance rates to new legislative mandates such as DATA Act and Affordable Care Act.


Integration into your system

easy.forward™ works around the needs of your system. Storing your data and documents in a way that makes the most sense for you, our service sits unparalleled in the current industry. Unlike some other data management companies, we won’t simply give you your information and leave!


Access when and where you need it!

In as little as 2 hours, your improved, categorized data is within your system and easy to navigate. From here, the information is readable, consistent, and securely stored. Still need support? Our programmers are always available to help access and Organise your information!

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